4/15/04: Laptopbattle West Coast at The Brickyard (315 Carall St.), Vancouver BC, 19+, $5, 9pm-1am

this battle was sick! the event made the cover of local weekly rag 'westender' & featured a lot of very talented & diverse musicians. thanks again to colin for setting it up!

monotonaut, xisix, granny'ark, badFengShui, nth, pocka, scan, boaz, square root of evil, segue, humdinger, yungraphik, metre, sex enemy, androgynoid & spark.

Kris Moon (2-time Seattle Laptop Battle winner/laptopbattle.org/fourthcity) Haitch C (CiTR FM, Sinusoidal Records), Zapan (laptopbattle.org/fourthcity)

*master of ceremonies:
Zapan (laptopbattle.org/fourthcity), MC KEVIN