Aaron Harbour

"hello. my. name. is. Aaron. Harbour. would. you. like . to. play. a. game?"

Andy W

"I am a bat! DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!?! I want to dominate all the laptop bitches. because I am the alpha and the omega of laptop bitch."... "I would like to rock out with your laptop battle! I am wanting to have my ass kicked by other laptop ninjaz! Can I please bust out with my special powers?!?!?!?! BEHOLD!!!"


Canner (swezlex)

CIA/sixty4k (, God Damn Clowns, batguan)

"Getting the last of the glitches shaken out of an all free software (ie Linux) battle laptop, and all is looking good for combat."

DJ Aneurysm (TBI, Tigerbeat 6, switchcraft recordings)

"A celebate prostitute, is a broke prostitute."


Jam E.S.P. (


Neuronaut (,

"A twisted, genre melting execution of beats, bass and aural landscapes."

NickNice (,



noCore (,

"i've been producing tracks for about 5 years now under numerous names (.miQ, noCore, zymotic, exist, all out assault, clipFit, and i play guitar for D-Trash Record's SCHIZOID...)"

phiber[]ptix (

"Using ableton live."

Positiv Aktion (Subversive Soundz, Reclaim The Streets,



"purveyor of electro dub kung-fu...look out!"

Stream723 (Bitstream Productions)

"Guitarist & Raconteur, Bizzare Love Triangle"

T. Machine (lowpro,


Terbo Ted (,

"2002 Chaorin Kombat Noise Battle Champion, 2003 Chaorin Kombat Laptop Champion."

[ ??? ]

Terrac (Cloud Factory, Friends & Family)